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Reinstatement of a Suspended Google Business Profile
Reinstatement of a Suspended Google Business Profile

Resolve Listing Issues and Request Reinstatement

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In an era where digital presence is paramount for businesses, a suspension from Google can be a serious setback. If you have found yourself in this situation, don't despair - there's a procedure in place for reinstatement. As of May 2023, the only method to reinstate your Google Profile is through the submission of a reinstatement form.

⚠️ Any attempts to contact Google will simply lead to a redirection toward this form.

Before You Get Started

There are important steps you need to take before submitting the reinstatement request. The aim is to provide convincing evidence to Google that your business is genuine and legitimate. Let's delve into these steps:

1. Add Photos and Videos to your Business Listing

The first step is to add visual evidence of your business to your listing through the Google My Business dashboard. The images and videos should include the following:

  • Interior photos: Images of the inside of your office, clearly showing identifiable signs.

  • Branding images: If you have trucks or vehicles branded with your company logo, include photos in the gallery.

  • Business licenses: Photos of any business licenses that can be verified online.

  • A video walkthrough: This should start from the outside of your building and proceed into your office. It will provide visual proof of your physical location.

2. Review All Users on the Account

Next, it's important to review all users associated with the account. This includes both managers and owners. If any of them have an account suspension, it's critical to remove them. The suspension of a single user can affect the status of the entire business profile, so make sure you've purged any such users.

Requesting Reinstatement

Once you've completed these steps, you're ready to fill out the reinstatement form. Submit the form and patiently wait for Google to review your case.

Remember, turnaround times can vary significantly depending on the volume of suspensions being handled at any given time. While the average turnaround is typically about a week, in the latter half of 2022, for instance, the wait times increased to 3-5 weeks due to a surge in suspensions.

In conclusion, while a Google Profile suspension can be frustrating, there's a clear path toward reinstatement. By following the procedure outlined above, you can significantly enhance your chances of having your Google Profile reinstated. The key is to provide as much verifiable evidence as possible to prove the legitimacy of your business.

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