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Troubleshooting Email Notifications
Troubleshooting Email Notifications

How to route website notifications to your inbox and prevent them from being filtered out as spam.

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After your website sends out a notification, it’s up to your email provider and your email application to complete the delivery of the email. The steps below will help to ensure form notifications are properly delivered to your inbox.

Update Your Safe Senders List

Anyone who is expecting to receive emails from the website should add each of the following email addresses to their contact file or "safe senders list" in their email application. - See Instructions for Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, Google WorkSpace Email, or other email providers.

  1. webforms@{your domain}

  2. webforms@mg.{your domain}

NOTE: These addresses only apply to forms on websites managed by New Urban Media. Ask your project manager to confirm the "send to" address used by your form.

Create a Filter Rule

Create a filter to search incoming emails for the following strings and route them appropriately. See instructions for Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Other Apps

  1. webforms@*

  2. Form entry sent via

  3. Webforms powered by New Urban Media

NOTE: The above strings only apply to forms on websites managed by New Urban Media.

Update Network Security Settings

If your email accounts are managed by an IT provider, you will need to request an update to your network’s whitelist. To do that, send the following request to your provider:

Whitelist Update Request

Subject: Email Filtering


We are working with our web developer to troubleshoot deliverability issues with form notifications from our website. In case these notifications are being filtered out by our network, please whitelist incoming emails from the following addresses:


  2. webforms@mg.{your domain}

  3. webforms@{your domain}

Please let us know once these whitelists have been set up so we can move forward with testing.

Thanks in advance!

In conclusion, to ensure email deliverability and locate missing form notifications, it's crucial to understand spam filtering at both the email client and network levels and take necessary measures to whitelist specific addresses and create filter rules. By following these steps, you can effectively minimize the chances of form notifications being filtered out, enhance communication with your users, and optimize your website's overall performance.

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