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What to Expect During DNS Propagation
What to Expect During DNS Propagation

How Website Updates Reach the Global Internet

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What is Domain Propagation?

Domain propagation is like sending out invitations to a big party: it's the time it takes for every server around the world to get the memo that your website has a new address. It usually wraps up within 48 hours, so hang tight while the digital world catches up!

What to Expect During Propagation:

  1. Temporary Inconsistency: Different visitors may see different versions of your website (the old or the new one) depending on the DNS server their device is using. This occurs because the updated information takes some time (Up to 48 hours) to reach all the DNS servers around the world.

  2. Fluctuating Access: You might experience intermittent access to your new website. At times, you may see the new site, while at other moments, you might be directed to the old one. This is a normal part of the propagation process.

  3. Longer Load Times: Visitors may experience slightly longer load times for your website during propagation. This can occur as DNS servers update their records and redirect requests to the new server hosting your site.

  4. Search Engine Updates: Search engines like Google may take time to index and update their records to reflect the new website. As a result, search results may still show the old website content until the search engine crawls and updates the new site.

  5. Brief Email Service Interruptions: If your domain's email service is also being transferred to a new server or hosting provider, you may experience temporary disruptions or delays in sending and receiving emails during the propagation period.

To minimize the impact of these issues, it's essential to plan your website migration carefully, and be patient while the DNS propagation process completes, which can take up to 48 hours or more. Once the propagation is finished, and recent visitors clear their cache, your new website will be accessible to everyone.

NOTE: We recommend postponing any big announcements about the launch of your new website for at least 72 hours to ensure the DNS has stabilized and any glitches are resolved due to URL changes.

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